Who are we

We are a USA based Global FinTech NASDAQ Listed Company (LFIN), providing Finance and FX Hedging solutions to Importers / Exporters / SME's across the globe powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Profitable Business Model

Importer / Exporter Financing

We work with leading Importers and Exporters as well as SME's across the globe.

Trade Insurance Backed Financing

We provide Financing for Lower Credit rated Banks, SME's using insurance wrap.

Financial Institution Intermediation (Institution Financing)

Asset Liability Management for the Bank Treasuries.

Carry Trade Finance with FX Hedging

LongFin provides financing for Option Volatility based Commodity Trades between Offshore and Onshore NDF Markets

Our Vision

  • To Create a Global Financial Intermediation company combined by Law of Large Numbers, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Securitization and Financing Carry Trade/Asset Backed Solutions
  • Harness the power of Emerging Market Interest Rates against G7 Currencies
  • Aim to connect 70 FX and Spot Exchanges across the globe
  • Aim to work with more than 300 Banks from all over the world for Structured Trade


$1.5 Trillion Trade Finance Gap Persists Despite Fintech Breakthroughs. According to an Asian Development Bank (ADB) Brief, Asia's share of the trade finance gap was 40% of the global total. In its fifth annual study, 2017 Trade Finance Gaps, Growth, and Jobs Survey, ADB quantifies market gaps for trade finance and explores their impact on growth and jobs through a survey of over 515 banks and 1,336 firms from 103 countries. While the global trade finance gap stabilized in 2016 compared to the 2015 record high of $1.6 trillion, it still translated to missed growth opportunities and job creation.


There is a huge opportunity for LongFin to play a key role as a Non-Banking Intermediary by way of Syndicating and Distributing Bank Risk, Country Risk, Buyers Risk, Forex Risk, Cross Currency Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Trading Risk using its own High Frequency and Low-latency global network through multiple exchanges.

First Trade Event at NASDAQ - December 13th 2017